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On January 17th 2013 we celebrated the „1.000.050 Birthday of Art“ in Aachen, in the ballroom of the „Alten Kurhaus“. 40 Years ago, 1973 the „1.000.010 Birthday of Art“ took part with hundreds of guests in the same location. This was an idea of the FLUXUS-Artist ROBERT FILLIOU, who together with then museums director of the Neue Galerie/Sammlung Ludwig, Prof. Dr. WOLFGANG BECKER, gave birth to this event. Even after the death of Robert Filliou, ART’s BIRTHDAY is celebrated worldwide every year on January 17th. In 2013 it was organized by Karl von Monschau and Gabriele Prill. Artists from Usa and Canada, as well Germany and Netherland dedicated their clips to ART’s BIRTHDAY.


This movie tries to show my love for the American desert with the help of 6 artists.
Dieser Film versucht meine Liebe zur amerikanischen Wüste mit Hilfe von 6 Künstlern zu zeigen.


Las Vegas, Ende der 80ziger Jahre. „2 Days the American Way